Born from California, Influenced from around the world

Welcome to Rethreaded! We are a small, family-owned business that was founded by Nichole, a passionate fashionista from San Diego, CA. Nichole has always had a love for fashion and design, and she decided to turn her passion into a business by starting Rethreaded. She began by matching fashionable clothing and accessories for friends and family, and soon her business began to grow. Today, Rethreaded offers a wide range of high-quality clothing and accessories for men and women. We are committed to using only the finest materials and craftsmanship, and we are constantly working to expand our product line and bring new and exciting products to our customers. We are grateful for the support of our customers, and we hope that our products bring a little bit of joy and creativity into your life. Thank you for choosing Rethreaded!

Responsible and Sustainable Fashion

Our Vision

Become a leading eco-friendly clothing and reselling store, setting the standard for sustainable fashion practices.

Our Mision

Revolutionize the fashion industry by providing a sustainable and socially responsible approach to clothing and reselling.

Our Promise

Sustainability: We meticulously source and curate clothing items that adhere to the highest eco-friendly and ethical standards, ensuring every garment contributes to a greener planet.

Quality: Our commitment to excellence means that our clothing items are made with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, guaranteeing durable and long-lasting products.