Rethreaded Donation Routes: Empowering Change Through Your Clothing Contributions

At Rethreaded, we believe in the transformative power of sustainable fashion and the positive impact it can have on both the environment and communities. Our donation routes initiative is an essential part of our commitment to furthering sustainability, promoting ethical consumption, and supporting environmental and charitable causes. Here's how and why we do it:

Why Donate with Rethreaded?

1. Environmental Sustainability: Every item of clothing donated through our routes contributes to a greener planet. By extending the lifecycle of clothing, we reduce waste, conserve resources, and lessen the carbon footprint associated with clothing production.

2. Charitable Giving: Clothes donated through our routes are used for a purpose. While some are resold to fund our initiatives, any items not sold find new homes through reputable charities like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, helping individuals in need and supporting their missions.

3. Environmental Contribution: We're dedicated to creating a positive environmental impact. That's why we're proud to donate 10% of the profits generated from reselling items on our site to environmental charities. Your clothing donations contribute to this endeavor, ensuring that the fashion choices you make have a lasting influence on our planet.

How Rethreaded's Donation Routes Work

  1. Scheduled Routes: Our donation routes are carefully organized to maximize efficiency and reach. Keep an eye on our community updates for announcements about upcoming routes in your area.

  2. Contact Us: If you'd like to participate in a donation route, simply respond to our announcements or reach out to us via our Facebook page ( or email us at

  3. Collection Day: On the scheduled day, leave your bagged donations labeled "Rethreaded" on your porch or at the designated collection point. Our team will swing by to pick up your contributions.

  4. Sorting and Resale: Donated items are meticulously sorted. Some items may be selected for resale on our website, where 10% of the proceeds directly benefit environmental charities. The remaining clothing is donated to trusted charitable partners.

  5. Making an Impact: Your donations have a ripple effect, making a positive difference in the lives of people and the planet. Your contributions drive meaningful change.

Thank you for being a part of the Rethreaded community and for supporting our donation routes. Together, we're weaving a fabric of positive change through sustainable fashion and conscious choices.

Stay connected with us for updates on our donation routes and the incredible impact your contributions are making. Join us in building a better, more sustainable future, one piece of clothing at a time.